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Redding Reloading Range

Since 1946 Redding has provided the reloading marketplace with innovative, American Made products of the highest quality.


Redding Reloading Equipment


Redding Powder Measures Are Not Intended For Use With Black Powder!

Redding are not just a small piece of a large corporation, so they are committed to producing the best possible products. Over the past five years they purchased and installed in 12 new pieces of American Made CNC Machinery to keep pace with rising market demand. In that same period, Redding completed a major facility expansion allowing them to increase our warehousing and distribution operations to keep pace with today's growing reloading market. It has also allowed Redding to add even more new CNC Machining Centres, thereby further increasing Redding’s commitment to their growing group of loyal customers throughout  the USA and around the world.

Download the latest Redding Catalogue.
This contains all the information and sizes/calibre options etc for all products list here on Pro-Shooter.

Competition Model 10X

Pistol & Small Rifle Powder Measure
Designed specifically for handgun and small capacity rifle cartridges.

This powder measure uses all of the special features of the Competition Model

BR-30 combined with an entirely new drum and metering unit designed to provide the most uniform metering of small charge weights.

To achieve the best metering possible at the targeted charge weight of approximately 10 grains, the diameter of the metering cavity was reduced and the metering plunger was given the unique hemispherical cup shape of our successful Model BR-30. The result is a very specialized small capacity powder measure with a charge weight range of approximately 1 to 25 grains.

Competition LR-1000 Long Range Powder Measure

Competition LR-1000 Long Range Powder Measure - dozownik prochu ze śrubą mikrometryczną, ponadto posiada większą komorę dozującą mieszczącą 140grain, dlatego dedykowany jest również do dużych kalibrów takich jak 338 Lapua Magnum.


Competition LR-1000 features;
Dedicated large capacity – approx. 25-140 grains.

Anti-Backlash micrometer provides repeatable settings.

“See thru” drop tube – accepts .30 to .45 cal.

Accepts .22 thru .30 cal with included #03814 adapter.

Extra capacity powder reservoir with adjustable baffle.

Special operating handle – can be configured for up or down stroke, right or left operation.


The “Classic” Model 3 Powder Measure

Time proven accuracy and reliability


The Original Classic Model 3, time proven for accuracy and reliability. It has a micrometer metering chamber right in front for easy setting and reading. The micrometer makes it possible to record your favourite settings and return to the same place weeks later when you wish to create the same load.

Precision machined cast iron frame to give you years of service.

All Redding Powder Measures feature hand honed frames and hard chromium drums for long life. An extremely sharp cutting surface easily cuts and meters even the most difficult powders.

ITEM NO. 03000 Powder Measure with Universal Metering Chamber.


Cast mounting bracket included with all Redding Powder Measures.

Clear powder reservoir.

Clear “See thru” drop tube accepts all calibers from .22 thru .45 cal.

Body has standard 7/8”–14 thread to fit mounting bracket and optional bench stand with locking ring for fast dumping.

Model3 Classic

Match-Grade Model 3BR Powder Measure

There are no aluminium parts to wear out in a Redding Powder Measure!


The Match-Grade Model 3BR was created to be the ultimate powder measure… “out of the box” match ready!  Since its creation this powder measure has been helping Silhouette shooters and Benchrest shooters win matches and set new records.

It all started with the time proven accuracy and reliability of the original Model 3 Powder Measure. The Model 3BR Powder Measure utilises all of the features of the original Model 3 and to that we added the conversion features that Benchrest shooters were looking for.

It quickly became our most popular powder measure for two very good reasons… Its broad range of charging capacity and its performance record.


Competition Proven Conversion Features... Now used on the Match-Grade Model 3BR and both Competition Powder Measures.


Competition Model BR-30 Powder Measure

Designed specifically for Benchrest Competition.


The Competition Model BR-30 Powder Measure is truly a competition model with some very special features. One of these features (the drum and micrometer) limits the overall charging range from a low of 10 grains (dependent upon powder density) to a maximum of approximately 50 grains.

As a result we do not expect this model to be the proper choice for everyone. If, however, you are a serious competitive shooter and your loading requirements are generally between 10 and 50 grains, this is certainly the measure to choose.

This measure uses all of the competition proven features of the Match-Grade Model 3BR. To achieve the most uniform powder metering possible for Benchrest Competition, at a targeted charge weight of approximately 30 grains, (hence the name BR-30) an entirely new drum and metering unit was created. The diameter of the metering cavity was reduced and the metering plunger was given a unique hemispherical or “cup” shape. This shape creates a powder cavity that resembles the bottom of a test tube

to alleviate irregular powder settling and to enhance charge to charge uniformity.

A special operating handle was also created for this model. It’s a rotating handle, slightly heavier to help you maintain a more uniform stroke.


To create exceptional uniformity from charge to charge we have placed an adjustable powder baffle above the metering chamber. This maintains a constant amount of powder above the metering chamber regardless of the level of powder in the reservoir.

Optional Clamp


For convenient bench-top mounting of Redding Powder Measures. Will also fit all other Powder Measures with 7/8-14 thread mounting. This bench stand is not threaded; it is secured with a lock ring which enables you to rotate the measure to any desired position and permits quick dump of the reservoir.
Interesting Note:

Our tests have demonstrated that powder measures show slightly improved
accuracy when mounted in a bench stand securely fastened to a solid bench.


Replacement powder reservoirs are available in three sizes with or without caps. The smallest shown is the same as originally sup- plied on your Redding powder measure. The intermediate is 7" overall length and the largest available is 10". These fit all models of Redding powder measures using a 2-1/8" O.D. reservoir.


Now available in two

sizes. The



Double “C”

Clamp was

designed as

a convenient

way to secure the SAECO lubrisizer to a bench top. The newest model is the ideal size for clamping the Redding powder measure stand and case trimmer to a bench top. Both units will accommodate a bench thickness of up to 2-1/4". May be used to mount any number of tools. Handy items for any reloading room.


Drop Tube Adapter

Fits all Redding Powder Measures and Funnels with a Simple slip-fit. For .17 & .20 caliber

Powder Measure Mounting Bracket
helf bracket fits all Redding powder measures.

Handgun Metering Chamber (Fits only 3BR Measures)  Charging range approx. 0 to 10 grains

Universal Metering Chamber
only 3BR Measures)  Charging range approx.

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