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March Scopes Accessories Range

Precision accessories for your MARCH scope


March Focus Wheels - 214.18 PLN

31, 34 & 36 mm focus wheels (internal measurement)

Large focus wheel (FT) (Requires appropriate middle wheel as above)


31 mm wheel for 52mm scopes ( apart from 52 mm 3-24 and 2-25)

34mm wheel for all other Non illuminated March Scopes.

36mm wheel all illuminated scopes

March Leather Lens Caps - 187.41 PLN

Snug fitting March leather lens cap sets.


Tan Leather Lens Caps in an antique style, a classy addition to your already perfect March Scope!

Available for all march scopes in the following sizes.


24mm leather lens caps (For scope models - D10v24, D10V24M, D10V24T, D10V24TM & D10V24TI)

42mm leather lens caps (For scope models - D25V42, D25V42M, D25V42T,  D25V42TI, D25V42TM, D24V42FML & D24v42FMIL)

52mm leather lens caps (For all 52mm scopes)

56mm leather lens caps (For all 56mm scopes)

EP-Zoom Leather lens caps (For scope model D36V55E)

March Flip Caps - 80.32 PLN

Quality push fit caps for front and rear objective, the cap will articulate to a fixed position flat to the scope body as to not obstruct the turret. These new scope caps will fit all models apart from the BR 40x 50x 60x & the EP zoom 36x55x52.


All March Scopes come with a set of Flip Caps as standard.


*Please note, these are specifically designed for March Scopes and we cannot guarantee they will fit on any other scope.

March Gen II Rings - 821.92 PLN

Brand new Scope rings designed by us to compliment your new March Scope.


These rings have been manufactured to the highest possible tolerances by 5th Axis state of the art CNC machines


The key to accuracy in manufacture is to minimise the number of operations required to complete the machining process. By investing in new Technology, we have been able to cut the number of operations required from eight to two. By doing this, there is no accuracy loss due to re setting for different operations. All Rings are made from Milspec Aluminum 7075T6


The new rings have 19mm width for greater support and bearing surface. They have custom Titanium M4 & M5 Torx head screws and have high quality WeRa Bits supplied in the custom foam lined cases. All threads are CNC thread rolled which in turn work hardens the 7075T6 material for a harder and stronger thread


We have added an integral quality bubble level which is inference fitted internally (not glued). The new rings have only 1 floating jaw to minimise misalignment unlike other scope rings and have an integral recoil stop.

March Scope Windage Caps - 133.86 PLN

New Windage Caps (with L wind on the left and R wind on right). These are an absolute bonus when reading windage setting. Bright and clear numbering...

Easy to change from standard turret. 'Simply unscrew as you would re-zeroing your turret and change over, then tighten back up.

Illumination Module - 615.77 PLN

The illumination module provides 4 levels of glow intensity, which can be cycled through by pressing the switch repeatedly. If you forget to turn the illumination off, the system will automatically switch off after 1 hour to conserve battery life, Modules can be purchased if you wish to change a lower intensity module to a brighter higher intensity, and vice Versa, please contact us for further details.


The new 6 level illumination switch has the benefit of both modules. It ranges from the lowest intensity of the low power module, to the highest intensity of the high module and 4 intensities in between.

March Objective Lens Hood - 267.73 PLN

Objective lens hood reduces stray light, flare and ghost images. This are available on in 42mm,52mm, & 56mm models. (Note all March X scopes and tactical models include a lens hood)

March Scope Levellers - 240.95 PLN

Scope Levelling System  - For 30mm and 34mm rings.


At long last you can take the guess work out of setting your scope parallel to the scope rail with this affordable and easy gauging tool which enables rapid setup in seconds.


Simply slacken the scope mount top screws off slightly so the tube can rotate in the rings with some resistance, slide the wedges into place with finger and thumb and squeeze them whilst rocking the tube, once the tube stops rocking nip the screws up very slightly, remove the wedges and torque the rings down, check once more by pushing the wedges back in and hold them up to the light.


Gap range is 8-15mm, this levelling system will work with all flat based rifle scopes including Nightforce that are bolted to a common rail, the system will work with flat bottomed scopes over a round receiver as long as the top of the receiver goes over centre. It will not work with open top receivers.


The wedges are hand made to exact tolerances (under ½ thou) they guarantee to level you scope without the need for bubble levels etc.


Actual wedges are now anodized black to avoid marking your scope

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